Barents GP / BCC 26.-27.5.2012

General Information and rules of the race, anti-doping testing etc.

1. All the competitors, service persons and race personnel has to obey the rules of International Olympic Commitee, UCI, Finnish Cycling Union (SPU), Finnish Antidoping Agency, the rules of this race and the Finnish Law.
2. The race licence cyclists
operate at their own risk and are responsible for all damage caused by them.
3. The organizer will try to ensure the safety of the competition.
4. Competitors are responsible for their own security cover.
5. The organizer is not responsible for the competitor and the resulting damage caused by a competitor.
6. The organizer has a sports and accident insurance for the the damages caused by the actions made by the organizer itself.
7.  The race licence cyclist has to act morally and ethically acceptable way.

Anti-doping testing

Possible anti-doping testing takes place throughout the competition days of the event center. Doping test
selected competitors' numbers and names of the competition are available on the paint in a separate case on the board.
Each competitor
have the responsibility to check whether he was selected for doping control.

Competition numbers

Please get your competition numbers in advance from the competiton office.

Prologue and criterium: attach the numbers (2) to the right side of the side seam
and the hip pocket on top (as shown). Road race: to the left side.

Prologue and criterium 26.5.2012       Road race 27.5.2012

Numbers shall not be twisted or corrupt. Numbers must be visible throughout the race. If the number
are poorly or carelessly fastened, may be the competitor will be disqualified.

Numbers must return after the race to race personnel or to the Competition Office. Should a competitor retire,
number of the labels is removed and returned to the paint to the judge. For lost and damaged the numbers
charged at 30 euros / pair


Competitors must use approved riding gear and accessories required by regulations.

Transmissions subject to the following terms:
- W/M16 and W/M18 - does not allow the locking of the derailleur at all.
- W/M14, -12 and -10 -
can be refined by adjusting the ratios, but the adjustment must be ensured
technically (wire, cable ties, etc).

Locking by adjusting the front derailleur will not be accepted. Where necessary, the front derailleur is prevented by technical means (e.g. by removing the wire).

Dressing and washing
Ruka school (Rukankouluntie 30, 93825 Rukatunturi)
Sat 26.5. at 08.30 - 20.00
Sun 27.5. at 08.30 - 15.00
The organizer is not responsible for property left in the premises.

Meetings of judges
Judges' meetings held (race office)
• Saturday 26.5. Ruka school at 08.45
• Sunday, 27.5. at 08.45 S-Market Ruka

Team leaders meeting (please pick one!)
Team leaders are given an opportunity to ask questions the jury (race office)
• Saturday 26.5. 09.00 Ruka school
• Sunday, 27.5. 09.00 S-Market Ruka

Prologue: uphill ITT , starting interval to 30 seconds,
15min break between the groups in order to come to down safely from the finish area, please follow the orders of the race personnel!

the rounds will be shown at the finish area and bell for the the sprint rounds and the last round.
- First start group 4pm, 10min. brake between the start groups.
- start and finish: Vuosselintie (see the route map)
- route length 1070m

Start groups:
group 1: M/W8, N10 own separate route (1,3km)
group 2: M10, W12 3 rounds (3,2km)
group 3: M12, W14 5 rounds (5,3km)
group 4: M14, W16, W40 (W40-50), M60-70 7 rounds (7,5km)
group 5: M16, W18, Women, M50 15 rounds (16km)
group 6: M18, Men (Men+M40) 25 rounds (26,7km)
Rounds will be shown on a board.

Sprint rounds:
group 5: rounds 6 and 12
group 6: rounds 8, 16 and 22
Sprint round and the last round will be announced by a bell.

Bonus seconds:

- in the sprint finish for 3 best: 3sec, 2sec and 1sec
- in the finish for 3 best: 10sec, 6sec and 4sec
group 5: by age group
group 6: M18, Men (Men+M40)
Same time for the riders of same group. There will be new time if the difference between riders or groups exceeds 1 second in the finish line. 
Times will be rounded to the nearest second.

If the competitor will be caught by round
Group 5 and 6 competitor will be removed from the track, if he/she will be caught by round the rider of his/her own BGP category. The comissaire makes the removal on the finish line. Competitor's time will be determined as follows:
the last finished own class competitor's time + 1 minute / non driven round, max though + 5 minutes:
- 1 round + 1 min
- 2 rounds + 2 min
- 3 rounds  + 3 min
- 4 rounds  + 4 min
- 5 rounds or more + 5 min

Race routes
routes are not completely closed from other traffic. It is NOT allowed to drive on the left side of the center line!  Violation will result in a fine time.

Food service is permitted only Rukatunturintie, before a turn onto Kemijärvi towards the north.

Prizes and award ceremonies

Saturday 26.5.2012 7pm, school of Ruka
Prologue: prizes for all M/W16 competitors. Also days fastest man and woman will be awarded for the special prize.
Criterium: prizes for all competitors of M/W8-16 . In Barents GP categories (M/W18, Women, Men, W40, M50, M60, M70) for the three best.
Sunday 27.5.2012 1.30 pm, S-market Ruka:
Road race: prizes for all competitors of M/W8-16. The fastest men and women of groups 1 and 2 will be awarded for a special prize.
Barents GP:
Prizes will be awarded according to the total time of the three stages. The bonus seconds will be noted.
Prizes will be awarded for all competitors of M/W8-16. In Barents GP categories (M/W18, Women, Men, W40, M50, M60, M70) for the three best.
Barents Cycling Championship BCC:
Prizes will be awarded for three best in all BCC categories.